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Opinion | The consequences of removing finals at ETHS

Linnea Mayo, Assistant Opinion Editor April 26, 2021

On Wednesday, March 24, ETHS officially announced their changes for the 2021-2022 school year, and amongst this was the decision to eliminate final exams. In my experience, the entire finals week and time...

Opinion | Why I didn’t opt into hybrid learning

Maddie Coyle, Opinion Editor April 26, 2021

On March 1, ETHS announced their plan to initiate a hybrid learning program, after students spent the last year learning virtually. The plan called for students to opt into the hybrid learning plan with...

Opinion | A letter from your Student Rep

Carmiya Bady, Student Representative March 22, 2021

Hello, my lovely people. I hope everyone is doing well. I want to take a moment to just ask: Have you taken time for yourself in the past week? Have you been kind enough to yourself? Have you loved yourself?...

Opinion | Thoughts from Black Student Union on school reopening

Black Student Union March 22, 2021

The following was submitted by the Black Student Union. On March 1, ETHS released its re-opening plan to staff, students and their families. This plan expressed a new hybrid model of learning, a result...

Opinion | Words aren’t enough praise for essential workers

Antonia Languilla, Staff Writer March 22, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has served as a grim reminder of how important essential workers are. Many have resorted to calling them heroes—someone who is highly admired or has outstanding bravery. These heroes...

Opinion | Social pressure to take AP classes harms prospective students

Linnea Mayo, Assistant Opinion Editor March 22, 2021

During my final course selection process at ETHS, I found myself very conflicted over AP (Advanced Placement) classes for the upcoming 2022 school year and the implications of taking or not taking a certain...

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Opinion | Local politics has greater impact on our lives than national politics

Maddie Coyle, Opinion Editor March 22, 2021

Politics have become a must-see event and the epicenter of many people’s thoughts and conversations. The showman qualities of our former president and elected officials, along with the increase of party...

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Opinion | ETHS students should be able to vote on the Friday song

Christopher Vye and Kayla Drajpuch March 22, 2021

Students streamed in through the crowded doorway. “It’s Friday!” I found myself wondering why Fridays were so special. It seemed like everybody else was thinking the same thing. No one...

Opinion | ETHS should unblock vital homework help sites

Christopher Vye, Staff Writer March 4, 2021

Slader, SparkNotes, Brainly. Try to access them on ETHS-issued Chromebooks, and you’ll get the same result: Restricted. Too often, these websites and others like them are talked about as if they...

Encouragement for and from people like me

Carmiya Bady, Guest Writer, Student Representative February 22, 2021
“I just think encouragement is one of the biggest things. Encouragement from other people that look like you, that identify with you, goes a long way."

El Evanstonian necesita mas estudiantes de color

Angie Gomez, Staff Writer February 22, 2021
El periódico, el Evanstonian, fue fundado en 1916, hace 105 años. Pero, aunque el periódico ha permanecido por tanto tiempo, todavía tiene problemas de diversidad e inclusión.
Impostor syndrome

Impostor syndrome

Linnea Mayo and Taryn Robinson February 22, 2021

Whether this means feeling like you aren’t equipped to be working with your white peers, or just overall a sense of not belonging, the issue of impostor syndrome is present in many clubs and activities...