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Opinion | Why I hate news and love journalism

Zachary Bahar, Executive Editor January 25, 2021

This is my fourth year writing for The Evanstonian, and, while it has been an incredibly unpredictable, horrifying, tear-inducing, screaming-into-the-darkness kind of year, it has also been my most prolific...

Opinion | The complexities of intergenerational trauma

Tamara Guy, Staff Writer January 25, 2021

Intergenerational trauma has disproportionately impacted Black people, Indigenous people and people of color (BIPOC), because the history of America is on the basis of Black and Indigenous trauma. This...

Illustration by Valerie Larsen

Opinion | Standardized testing needs to be abolished

Saskia Teterycz, Opinion Editor January 25, 2021

Every year, juniors and seniors in high schools across the country take a test that will determine a path for the rest of their lives. As a result, the big, ugly and oppressive number they receive determines...

Opinion | Leadership curriculum should remove antisemitic book

Opinion | Leadership curriculum should remove antisemitic book

Gwen Tucker, Staff Writer December 14, 2020

When choosing classes for my junior year, I was excited to take Junior Leadership for PE. I wanted to be a part of a community that focused on helping others around the school and building a positive learning...

Art by Ellie Lind

Opinion | There will be feasting and dancing in Jerusalem next year

Zachary Bahar, Executive Editor December 14, 2020

2020 has been a hard year for all of us. From the plague sweeping over our homes and disrupting our communities, to the turbulent events following the murder of George Floyd, to an election that dragged...

Art by Saskia Teterycz

Opinion | Students must take COVID-19 restrictions more seriously

Christopher Vye, Staff Writer December 14, 2020

With confirmed U.S. coronavirus infections topping an average of 200,000 per day, the rollout of new Tier 3 restrictions in Illinois and the ever-looming threat of another stay-at-home order, it is safe...

Opinion | 2020 has been one of the most influential years in our lifetime

Linnea Mayo, Assistant Opinion Editor December 14, 2020

As we stepped into 2020, no one could have expected the quick turn this year had, and the tremendous impact it will forever carry. Simply put, 2020 has been one of the most influential years in terms of...

Opinion | How breakout rooms are the blind dates of e-learning

Anika Radhakrishnan, Staff Writer December 14, 2020

The moment the teacher says, “I’m going to put you all in breakout rooms now,” is the moment when all the color drains from your face. Your eyes widen, and your heart beats out of nervousness. Teachers...

Opinion | Trump’s mixed messages on COVID-19 put Americans at risk

Valerie Larsen, Opinion Writer November 16, 2020

Throughout Trump’s diagnosis with COVID-19, his inability to be upfront with our country about his conditions down-played the seriousness of this pandemic. Although he tweeted words of reassurance...

Opinion | Transparent policing provides first step towards equity

Maddie Coyle, Opinion Editor November 16, 2020

“There is a misunderstanding between society and the criminal justice system in America. I feel that there have been some steps in the right directions, particularly in certain communities, to create...

Opinion | E-learning expectations must factor in student mental health

Linnea Mayo, Assistant Opinion Editor November 16, 2020

With the first quarter already complete, students and teachers alike experienced one of the strangest starts to their school year. With various e-learning moderations implemented since March of last year,...

Art by Valerie Larsen

Opinion | Working together against Zoom fatigue

Antonia Languilla, Opinion Writer November 16, 2020

With screens freezing, awkward breakout rooms, and the echoes of silence, Zoom can get tiring after the first two classes of the day. Staring at a screen for half the day takes a toll on not only a student's...

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