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Opinion | The value of enriching and unique non-AP classes

Linnea Mayo, Opinion Editor April 18, 2022

For decades education has been flooded with primarily eurocentric curriculum and views of success, leaving BIPOC students lacking the stories that represent them. Although ETHS is not exempt from this,...

Opinion | Why diversity within staff is important for BIPOC students at ETHS

Romel Rojas-Leon, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

While we’re all told that diversity within staff is important, it takes time to really understand the importance behind diversity. Overall, ETHS’ student body features a diversity that the school shapes...

Illustration by Kupu Sumi

Opinion | Students are suffering mentally at the end of each quarter and year

Maddie Molotla, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

At the end of each quarter, all of us as students seem to share the same experience during this time. Each and every one of us is in clear distress over final grades, turning in late work, and major final...

Opinion | Foreign students should celebrate their cultures, not hide them while at school

Maria Gomez, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

 Believing that not fitting in is a problem or that being afraid to walk in the halls is silly or pathetic. It is a feeling that I and many students have felt as a new person in school. I arrived in Evanston...

Opinion | LGBTQ+ summit could’ve focused more on intersectionality

Marin Ubersox, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

The 2022 ETHS LGBTQ+ summit was relatively well-received. Most students enjoyed the seminars and the drag show, along with the rich sense of community felt throughout the day. However, some students felt...

Opinion | ETHS should add more mandatory projects to Civics curriculum

Milo Slevin , Staff Writer April 18, 2022

Civics is defined as "the study of the rights and duties of citizenship." In 2015, the State of Illinois decided that high school students need to explore that idea. Former Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner...

Illustration by Leah Brieva

Opinion | Teachers need to implement 504 plans better

Sophia Sherman, Assistant Sports Editor April 18, 2022

On Dec. 6, 2022, an ETHS sophomore was stressed. COVID-19 cases were at their peak, school was more challenging than ever, and it felt like there was nothing they could do to elevate this anxiety. As the...

Opinion | Evanston must protect young, female employees

Alexis Rogers, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

Trigger warning: This article references cases of sexual assault and harassment.  In the summer of 2020, over 50 female lifeguards and employees working at Evanston beaches submitted a petition alleging...

Opinion | Students take on the weight of the environmental crisis

Leah Johnson, Aaliya Weheliye, Staff Writers April 18, 2022

On Friday, April 22, more than 193 countries around the world will celebrate Earth Day, a holiday established in 1970 to draw international attention toward protecting our homes. Among the study body here...

Opinion | Discrepancies between sports and “fangirl” fan culture

Linnea Mayo, Opinion Editor March 18, 2022

Discrepancy amongst sports and “fangirl” fan culture  When you’re a fan of something, whether that be a sports fan or artist, it becomes easy to be fueled by passion and excitement as you cheer...

Opinion | ETHS must convert to local, sustainable food

Max Low, Staff Writer March 18, 2022

With the rise of social media in recent years, the commodification and polarization of information has become a staple of American culture. Debates that were once held in private campuses are now being...

Opinion | Taking away tracking tests makes math classes in D65, at ETHS more equitable

Hazel Hayes, Staff Writer March 18, 2022

Every sixth grader entering District 65 schools takes a “tracking” test, to decide whether their mathematical abilities show that they would be able to thrive in an advanced course. This type of test...

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