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ETHS honors Earth Day with events for students, Evanston residents

Sam Molitor and Sophia Siddiqui April 18, 2022

Celebrated each year on Apr. 22, Earth Day marks the birth of the modern environmental movement and is celebrated worldwide to raise awareness and support for environmental protection.  Earth Day,...

The polls open: students campaign for representative to school board position

Annabelle Harris and Ethan Ravi April 18, 2022

One of the important events at ETHS in the upcoming weeks is the Student Representative campaign. Every year, a few students choose to run for the position of Student Representative to the School Board...

District 65 school board historically approves new Fifth Ward school

Elise Goulding, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

On March 14, the District 65 school board approved the creation of a new school. This school will be located in the Fifth Ward, as it has not had one since the closing of Foster School in 1967.  “We...

Latinx Summit aims to offer healing spaces, joyful experiences to participants

Sari Oppenheimer, News Editor April 18, 2022

Every spring, ETHS hosts a series of summits centered around identity as part of the ETHS Social Consciousness series. This spring, the Latinx Student Summit will be held on Wednesday, April 27. Keeping...

MENAA Summit celebrates culture, honors experiences

Aryeh Lesch , Staff Writer April 18, 2022

The ETHS Middle Eastern, North African and Asian Student Summit took place on March 31 as a part of the ETHS Social Consciousness Series. In keeping with the theme of the other ETHS student summits this...

Cybersecurity Club: Growing with the digital world

Cybersecurity Club: Growing with the digital world

Sofia Williams , Staff Writer April 18, 2022

Among the many extracurricular opportunities that ETHS has to offer comes a new way to get involved in the digital world: Cybersecurity Club. The club was originated by juniors Leif Ye and AJ Bakari,...

ETHS Foundation’s ‘Wild for ETHS’ honors Superintendent Witherspoon’s legacy

Oskar Doepke and Elizabeth Wenning April 18, 2022

On Saturday, Apr. 2, the ETHS Foundation hosted its annual 21+ fundraising event, WILD for ETHS, with the goal of raising $175,000 to further improve ETHS’ facilities and better the lives of its students....

ETHS observes Holocaust Remembrance Week

Charlotte Geyskens, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

During the last week of March, ETHS observed Holocaust Remembrance Week to commemorate the 11 million people who were murdered during the Holocaust. Although International Holocaust Remembrance Day was...

District 65 approves plan for Fifth Ward School

Tarek Anthony , Staff Writer March 18, 2022

Facing a current budget crisis and record levels of low enrollment, District 65 is returning to the historically contentious idea of redrawing school attendance lines within their elementary schools. The...

Evanston receives AWPA award for excellence in snow and ice control

Aryeh Lesch March 18, 2022

While ETHS’ two weather-caused asynchronous e-learning days may give the impression that the city struggles to keep up with the snow, the City of Evanston actually ranks among the elite in snow and ice...

ETHS students, staff participate in 2022 LGBTQ+ summit

Elise Goulding, Staff Writer March 18, 2022

This year, the LGBTQ+ summit was be held on March 4th. The first summit was held in 2017 as a part of ETHS’ Social Consciousness Series, which is the school’s active effort to make sure every student...

ETHS commemorates, celebrates Womens History Month

ETHS commemorates, celebrates Women’s History Month

Milo Slevin and Sofia Williams March 18, 2022

This is the theme for Women’s History Month, March 2022 as designated by the National Women’s History Alliance (NWHA), and the words spoken by District 202 school board member Stephanie Teterycz as...