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Photo courtesy of Erica Alfaro

Erica Alfaro: Inside her religious identity

Sarah Frieman, News Editor January 12, 2018

Before Erica Alfaro arrives at school every day, she recites a prayer. Once she gets to school and arrives at her locker, she locates a candle with the Virgin Mary and recites the quote on the back of...

Junior Bella Buitrago takes a break from class and hangs out in the Hub.

A new transfer student checks her way onto the state Chess Team

Cameron Mulvihill, Enterntainment Editor January 12, 2018

Bella Buitrago is a new student to ETHS and already making big strides for the Chess Team. She learned to play in first grade and didn’t start again until seventh grade. Now as a junior she has dedicated...

The Inside Scoop on Luke Thorpe

Billy Krupkin, Sports Editor January 12, 2018

Like many immigrants, sophomore Luke Thorpe had his own idea of the “American Dream” before his move to Evanston last year. While many are met with harsh realities that often come as a letdown, Thorpe...

Junior Justin Cose poses for the camera

Justin Cose, Coding Wiz

Joey Eovaldi, Feature Editor January 11, 2018

Justin Cose, a boxer, picked up coding as a hobby four years ago to change how people perceived him, as a ‘fighter boy’. What started as a hobby, has turned into passion and a money-making business...

Adults exert unneeded power through Adultism

Adults exert unneeded power through Adultism

Elena Holtzman, Feature Writer January 9, 2018

Respect your elders. Parents obtain control over their children, creating a sense of adultism, impacting their relationship. "It is a fairly new concept, especially in the past two or three years....

Former St. Athanasius student does classwork after transitioning to public school

Former parochial school students transition to public education

Charlie Levisay, Feature Writer January 9, 2018

Although education and religion aren’t always intertwined, they once were for a large number of students. Parochial schools are private schools that are affiliated with religious organizations. Religious...

Musical freshman makes waves

William Fine, Feature Writer January 9, 2018

Many students play two instruments, but Howard Godfrey plays 10, and he is only a freshman. “Howard is mostly self-taught,” band director Matthew Bufis says. “He really just has a knack for...

Studying harder isn’t worth the cost of sleep deprivation

Eli Cohen, Feature Writer January 9, 2018

There are many ways to try and improve your grades, but staying up all night doing your homework is not the solution. Teens are recommended to get eight and a half to ten hours of sleep, but despite...

8 Questions for Tea Cash

Sade Positano, Feature Writer January 9, 2018

  He calls himself Tea Cash,This student has believed in himself since he was 5 years old. He has now graduated from high school in 2016. Tea Cash has a lot of experience with making music...

The trend piercing the nation

Saskia Teterycz, Feature Writer January 9, 2018

The latest tattoo trend, stick and poke, is fascinating teenagers all over the country, but little do they know of the grim side effects. “Do it yourself is always an attractive concept. But...

Evanston Animal Shelter volunteers work to help cats and dogs

Michael Barthelemy, Feature Writer January 9, 2018

Bark! Woof! Meow! These are the calls that surround Evanston Animal Shelter volunteers the moment they walk through the door, seeing dogs and cats everywhere from the backyard to the bathroom. The...

Veganism increasing in popularity among students

Olu Logan, Feature Writer January 9, 2018

Meat is murder. To make food, an astounding 56 billion animals are killed every year but animal-based diets are killing us humans, slowly but surely. This statement, along with other threats of...

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