An inside look at Becca Miller


Becca Miller gaining inspiration for her next graphic design.

Margo Levitan, Online Executive Editor

Setting aside her lacrosse stick after a long day of practice, Becca Miller, junior, opens up her computer. Her graphic design work that was featured at the Evanston Art Center was crafted here, and she hopes for her work to continue gaining exposure. Taking courses for graphic design throughout her three years in high school, she constantly wants to push the envelope when it comes to the various designs that she creates.

“Since I was taking courses at the school, I was entered into competitions, with one of my posters was even used for a school play here which was a great opportunity for me,” Miller says.

Her passion even took her beyond state lines, where Miller was able to gain exposure to new techniques and ideas.

“I spent three weeks at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design taking classes like graphic design as well as art history,” Miller says.

Although she doesn’t want to pursue graphic design in college, she wants to continue creating designs in the future and seeing what else she can produce.

“I rarely have a set idea in my mind of how it will all turn out, and if I do it’s usually wrong.” It is the process of crafting the design that truly pushes Becca Miller to step outside of her comfort zone and experiment with a variety of designs and techniques. Who knows what she will create next?  

Courtesy of Becca Miller
Miller’s works featured in the Evanston Art Center.