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Opinion | El orden siempre ha side desorden

Maria Gómez, Staff Writer November 19, 2021

La política es una de las áreas más complejas y difusas que ha inventado el hombre; está teniendo miles de salidas, razones y maneras de ser ejecutada. Tanto es así, que hasta darle un significado...

Illustrations by Sabrina Barnes

Clubs offer students civic engagements opportunities

Annabelle Harris and Milo Slevin November 19, 2021

Civic engagement describes actions taken to help make a change in one's community. It is based on participation in the community. Civic engagement is important for young people to learn about and participate...

Illustration by Aiyana Jehan

Opinion | Eligible students need to utilize their right to vote

Maddie Molotia and Marin Ubersox November 19, 2021

In late 2020, a historic presidential election took place. Many people who’ve never voted in their lives cast a ballot with the hope their candidate of choice would prevail. In fact, half of Americans...

Letter from your student rep | Witherbell Forum

Barbara Tomaradze, Student Representative November 19, 2021

Hey ETHS! I hope you all are doing well and counting down the days until Thanksgiving break like I am.  Over the past few weeks, Student Union has been focused on planning the Witherbell Forum....

Opinion | The importance of sustainable activism

Linnea Mayo, Opinion Editor November 19, 2021

2021 has looked different in many ways from 2020, a prominent difference being the collective civic engagement and support present on social media, in the classroom and in the community. In less than a...

Image courtesy of Northwestern University

Northwestern welcomes first female president

Sophia Siddiqui and Oskar Doepke November 19, 2021

After eight years of service at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Chancellor Rebecca Blank will be taking over for Morton Schapiro as the next president of Northwestern University. Blank has a history...

DeSalvo’s Pizza to open in Central Street Retail District

Ethan Ravi, Staff Writer November 19, 2021

  There is an empty storefront where Symphony's Cafe used to be located, but it will soon be occupied by DeSalvo Pizza, a new pizza restaurant that will open this month. It will serve pizza by...

Image courtesy of Katie Drew

Students demand increased CARP implementation through school walkout

Sofia Williams and Charlotte Geyskens November 19, 2021

On Friday, Oct. 22, while most of ETHS was heading to their Block 8 classes, over a hundred students walked out of school to participate in a climate strike organized by Etown Sunrise. While they risked...