Letter from your student rep | Witherbell Forum


I hope you all are doing well and counting down the days until Thanksgiving break like I am. 

Over the past few weeks, Student Union has been focused on planning the Witherbell Forum. It will take place on Monday, December 6th, during all periods of the day in the HUB (West wing, 2nd floor). Administrators (Dr. Witherspoon, Dr. Campbell, and others) will all be there to engage in conversations about ETHS with us. Tables will be set up with topics and conversation starters that Student Union has chosen. These include the block schedule, lunch, student wellbeing, gender inclusivity, race & equity, school community, and COVID policies. All classes are welcome, as long as teachers sign up (through a form that will be sent out in the near future). Even if none of your classes sign up, you can still come during your lunch period. Make sure you spread the word and make an effort to participate! 

During December and early January, Student Union will focus on evaluating feedback received from the Witherbell Forum and taking action to improve our school. Even though everybody who participates in the Witherbell Forum is helping us a whole bunch, we still ask for your help beyond December 6th. We wanna ensure that we aren’t just addressing everybody’s needs, but that we are addressing everybody’s needs in the right way. To do this we’ll need your suggestions, criticism, and cooperation. The easiest way to make this happen is for more folks to join us at Student Union meetings. Student Union meets every Thursday, 3:40 pm-4:30 pm, in W311 (for now). No sign-up or commitment is needed! If you decide to join, I’ll see you there! And if not, I hope to see you around the school. You can always contact me at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.