Badminton looks to make impact at conference

Badminton has struggled.

Despite this, the girls still think that they can achieve at the conference tournament today at New Trier after they got some much-needed rest.

“We are in a tough conference and the schools that we are playing are some of the top teams in the state,” said coach Karilyn Joyce. “The big ones will probably be Deerfield, Main South and New Trier.”

While the girls will see them in conference, they have already lost to New Trier and Deerfield in their regular season. In total, the team has competed in 22 matches and Joyce understands that the girls are fatigued.

“The girls have been playing a lot and they are tired,” said Joyce. “We’re not at the top of our game but we will be shortly.”

Once the girls fully rest, Joyce thinks the team will perform fairly well.

“I expect us to be third or fourth in conference,” said Joyce, “but it’s going to be a very tough competition.”

But being tired isn’t the only thing that is affecting the girls this season; they are also a very young team. This season, they have only two seniors, Isabel Avery and Emily Stover, after six graduated last year.

This underclassmen contribution means that the depth increased this year.

“This team has a lot more depth than last season’s team,” added Joyce.

The players agree.

“I think having a young team this season is good, we are all working very strongly with each other and we are all very good friends,” said senior captain Emily Stover. “I think that makes us a better team.”

Ultimately, the team is looking to go deep in the postseason, with the ultimate goal culminating on May 16 and 17 at Eastern Illinois University for the IHSA State Finals.

“I plan on sending two singles and two doubles down to state, which is all you can take,” said Joyce.