The CSL needs to be restructured


We compete in one of the most competitive conferences in the state of Illinois.

The Central Suburban League is a powerhouse public high school conference.  Every year, teams from the CSL compete for state titles, and often win them.

The dominance of the CSL lies in the south.  The CSL South is home to Evanston, Glenbrook South, New Trier, Niles West, Maine South and Waukegan.

New Trier’s dominance in country club sports is state renowned.  Maine South plans on winning state in football every year.  And Evanston’s dominance in girls’ track is unmatched.

Each school brings a level of competition that makes the CSL one of the most exciting leagues in Illinois.

However, there is one school that consistently fails to reach the standard that CSL South schools set each year.  Waukegan barely competes in any sports, and often seems an athletic afterthought.

There is no legitimate reason for Waukegan to remain in the CSL South.

The Central Suburban League would largely benefit from dropping Waukegan, adding another competitive public high school, and then restructuring the North and South.

Lake Forest would be an ideal candidate to fill the CSL hole. With 43 state championships since 2000, they certainly have the athletic credentials.

Lake Forest also is physically much closer to the CSL schools than Waukegan.

Lake Forest would be eager to join the powerhouse CSL, allowing for better competition and more notoriety.

The CSL South should absorb Niles North, and Lake Forest would take its spot in the North Division.

This would kill two birds with one stone; eliminate Waukegan from the conference, and add more competition to the CSL North.

These moves would largely benefit the league, as well as the high schools involved.