Best of the Best: A look back at four years of memorable Wildkit sports

Best of the Best: A look back at four years of memorable Wildkit sports

Freshman Year Boys Basketball

A varsity team that hadn’t had a set starting squad all year found five players that really jelled four games before the playoffs began. In head coach Michael Ellis’s second year the team won five games in the post season, winning the sectional championship. Although the team lost in the next round to basketball powerhouse Simeon, a team that housed the best high school player at the time, Jabari Parker, who went on to play at Duke University and eventually the Milwaukee Bucks.  The season was one few Evanstonians forgot.



Sophomore Year Wrestling

Tiara Scott, the only female wrestler from ETHS, won a national championship in 2012, marking the first national win for ETHS in wrestling.  She beat all of her opponents at the sectional, regional, and state level by huge margins. Not only would she be able to put a national championship on her resume, but a feature in the April 22 Sports Illustrated issue well. Her success would go down in Evanston history, both for her national medals and for the leadership she showed as the only female wrestler at ETHS. Scott set a precedent for all athletes at the school that with dedication, respect and hard work, comes the clout the all athletes strive for.


Junior Year Boys Golf

For the first time in over 55 years the boys golf team sent an entire time down state.  Under head coach Jed Curtis and ample  help from the senior golfers, the team placed seventh in state.  Leaders of the team included Jackson Mihevic, Marty Finn, Henry Gruger, Jake Casati and Evan Termolen. The boys were four strokes away from a top five place.  Although the team didn’t win state, the journey that the Kits embarked on, which included a Regional championship and a top three finish at sectionals, matured them into better athletes and people.


Senior Year Boys Soccer

The boys soccer team, led by coaches Franz Calixte, Jeremy Riley and Fernando Ferrer, were set to play a game against 100-year rivals New Trier. The conference showdown, which was played at New Trier, started with a play straight out of Evanston’s nightmares. The Trevians made a goal only minutes into the game. Feeling the pressure, the boys needed a comeback. They got one. When the final whistle blew, Evanston fans stormed the field as the team lifted the Hydrant at the center of New Trier’s field. It was a historic moment that both teams will never forget.