Senior leadership is slept on


Senior leadership used to be a prestigious honor, and now it is no more than another P.E. option.  This needs to change.

Senior Leadership Experience is a a two-year physical education course that provides seniors an opportunity to assist P.E. teachers with the instruction of sophomore or freshman classes.

Senior studies is a staple of the ETHS P.E. experience.  Everyone remembers their senior leaders from freshman year.  As a freshman, that is your cool connect to the senior class.

I had Leonard Garron as a senior leader freshman year.  He was the homecoming king and the star football player, so it felt pretty cool joke around with him and overall just have that connection.

However, some people do not have the same experience.  Some senior leaders are quiet and unsocial with their students.  The goal of a senior leader shouldn’t just be to take attendance and lead warm ups.

Senior leaders are obligated to build relationships with their students and aid their growth, not just in P.E., but as students of ETHS.

Decades ago, being a senior leader was a great honor, and now it seems that there is little required to become one.  Leaders must show charisma, character, courage, and competence.

Now, it seems that there are leaders with none of these credentials.

Varsity athletes should start considering senior leadership as an important step in their development.  As seniors, athletes look to us to us for guidance within our sports.  If you’re a senior varsity athlete, the senior leadership program should be a must.

Being a senior is a lot more than applying to college and blowing off second semester, especially in athletics.  Senior athletes have a duty to set an example.

Senior leadership is an excellent opportunity to become a great leader, and have a chance to execute leadership.

The program trains students as juniors to be prepared to give guidance to underclassman as seniors.

As a senior leader now, the skills I have learned have been invaluable.  I don’t believe I could be the leader I am without the skills I learned in senior leadership.

This program is severely undervalued and I can’t understand why more seniors don’t take advantage of the great opportunity we have to attain skills that will help us throughout all of life.

Leadership doesn’t go away after high school.  Senior leadership puts students ahead of the curve, so we need to start appreciating it.