Our athletes deserve better fans


Our student cheering section is embarrassing.

While many students, seniors in particular, brag about their commitment to school spirit and being a great student section, there is nothing to back it up.

First of all, we need to take a quick look at some of the other high schools in the area and find relative position to other student sections.

Maine South and Loyola put Evanston’s student section to shame.  Their sections are filled to the brim almost solely with seniors.  Last year’s Maine South football games were literally overflowing with students, annoying and disrupting their opponents.

Evanston barely fills the student section with all four grades.

The homecoming football game was the first time, and likely the last time, I saw a full house at Lazier.  The previous home games featured meagerly filled stands, and we weren’t exactly loud either.

Boys’ soccer was a top ten team in state last year.  Not once were the stands filled for their games, even when we hosted the playoffs at home.  We need to represent the best teams on the field with the best fans in the stands.

There are certain sports that will attract more fans, football and basketball being the main events.  However, it takes a lot more than being in attendance to make a good student section.

There is no unity among students.  Grades are separated and the game becomes more a social event, rather than supporting our Kits.  Body painting is more about Instagram likes than supporting our teams.

Chants are a rarity, usually only yelled out by a select group of seniors with little following.  To be blunt, our attempts at being “rowdy” are truly pathetic.

This irks me greatly because students don’t realize how privileged they are to have varsity athletics.  We have great facilities, coaches, and programs at Evanston, and the least we could do to show our appreciation is show up to games.

Many schools don’t get the luxury of having athletics events almost every day of the school year.  The students need to come together and realize that athletes give every ounce of energy on the field. In turn, athletes deserve every ounce of our effort in the stands.

We need to come to games and create an impact on our opposition.  We need to be loud enough to disrupt and distract other teams.  It takes leadership from the seniors, and a strong following from underclassman.

The high school sports experience is wonderful, and being a fan is just a much a part of it as being an athlete.  So enjoy it and be loud. Very loud.