Student council seeks out junior leadership

While seniors are packing up and getting ready to leave our Wildkit family, juniors are stepping up into leadership roles, especially when it comes to Student Council.

“You’ve got to be passionate about the school. You have to care.” said Reggie Murphy, Student Council senior president. “I think Student Council can sometimes be a place people can go because they like the idea of being part of student council. They also like it for their college apps.”

Student council can often be taken as a joke or something people do because it looks good, however the club can help teach and prepare students for their lives after high school, further explained Murphy.

“Of all the things that I’ve done, I think Student Council has opened up more opportunities for me to grow as a person,” said Sarah Danson, senior vice president. “We’ve had to give speeches, we’ve done the distinguished alumni, we’ve done conferences, I mean, it’s just opened up so many doors for me to do other things outside of Student Council as well.”

Student council also teaches students how to better work as a team and make hard decisions that take into consideration of the opinions of the entire student body.

“Working together over the course of this year we’ve really learned how to work as a team, and it’s different from a sports team where everyone wants to win a certain game.” explained Danson. “It’s difficult to work on a team where everyone’s so different and has different opinions- and so it’s taught me how to communicate in a way that’s effective for a variety of different people.”

However, Murphy and Danson have not only had to work as a team with the whole Student Council board, they have also had to learn how to work closely with each other.

“There’s definitely a distinction with the name, vice president and president between us two, but really as far as the amount of work and the amount of how much our opinions are weighted and how much people value our opinions is really equal.” said Murphy.

Campaign week for the 2015 elections are April 13-17 and student elections take place on the April 17. The club is looking for students who are motivated to create change for their school, and students who love Evanston.

“I love Student Council because there’s no bounds for how much spirit you can have and I think its a great way to project your spirit.” said Danson.

Students interested in joining Student Council or running for a position should see Ms. Boyd and start attending the clubs   Tuesday and Wednesday board meetings.

“We like to say it’s the club of clubs, and I think that’s true. Student Council is the club of clubs,” said Murphy.