Dillo Day discourages underage students






Northwestern’s Armadillo Day may have been free in years past, but not this year.

“For the first time ever, we have implemented a wristband registration fee,” said Mayfest co­chair Justin Wolf.

Wristbands for all Evanston residents costs 25 dollars and ​registration is open online through the Norris Box Office.
“​We have also changed the guest policy for the first time,” said Wolf.

All Northwestern Undergraduate students are allowed one guest for a ten dollar fee and Evanston residents under the age of 19 must be registered with a chaperon 25 years or older.

“I think it’s a good idea on Northwestern’s party because they have been trying harder and harder each year to keep us out, even though we bring all the fun,” said Tommy Haughey, senior. “Dillo Day with Evanston students is like an unwatered plant: dry.”

Dillo will take place on May 30 all day. The only entrance will be on Norris East lawn.

“We have changed the technology and increasing security so it’s going be a lot harder to fake a wristband,” added Wolf.

Wristbands must be picked up at Norris by both the chaperon and student at the same time. Both must show an ID that proves residency in Evanston.

 “Honestly if you really want to get in you can get in, whether it’s with a parent, nice NU students, or borrowing a wristband,” said Ben Morton, senior.

“You don’t have to enter the venue with your chaperon but have to pick up the wristband with them,” said Wolf.

As Dillo Day gets bigger and bigger, the committee is adding more mainstream and bigger artists, the festival comes more expensive.

“Northwestern students pay an activity fee at the beginning of the year so all the costs that we are implementing is reflective on that cost so that everyone attending the festival is contributing their part to make it happen,” explained Wolf.

The money earned will primarily go towards the cost of the wristband, registration system, and security.

“We would have had to pay security costs anyways and it would have come out of the artist’s budget,” said Wolf. “ Its going towards making sure the festival keeps safe.”

Because of the physical size of the lakefill there will be a capacity limit for how many people can be on the lakefill.

“Last year, due to construction on Northwestern’s campus, we had to deal with capacity issue that we had never dealt with before,” added Wolf. “We had to figure out the best way for us and the Evanston Police Department to know who was on the lakefill and that everyone who was on there was supposed to be there.”

“Security ramps up every year, last year they made the only entrance a gate that leads to this bridge which goes over a large pond so snarking in wasn’t really an option,” said Morton

So far, the only artists announced in Charlie XCX.

“We’re getting ready to announce the rest of our lineup in a month or so and are really excited. I think its gonna be a great year,” said Wolf.