Solution to stress found in your iPod

Get to work!

With AP tests and finals just around the corner, almost everyone is going to be forced to do some serious studying. So when you open that textbook and start reviewing, should you crank some tunes too? Recent studies finally have the answer.

“It truly depends on the type of person you are,” says Dr. Charles Calderwood, psychology professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. “More extroverted students actually experience more positive emotion with distractions,” he adds.

However, as Calderwood explains, “students who are more introverted tend to have detrimental outcomes with more distractions.” So how about if you’re right in the middle?

“The only way to find out is to experiment with trial and error,” tells Calderwood. He claims that “in a general sense, multitasking does not help with homework or studying.”

“Honestly, music just makes homework less boring,” tells sophomore Quinn Menzies. But on the other hand, junior Gayle Stamos explains that “when listening to music, it becomes hard to focus on whatever work you have.”

Calderwood asserts that when it comes down to lyrics or not lyrics, it comes to what type of person you are and “what environment you usually feel comfortable in.”

Furthermore, students who are more social and outgoing and find themselves at football games, parties and so on, will most likely feel more comfortable with music that has lyrics when studying.

Moreover, if you are used to loud music and commotion, it has little potential to cause distraction when you need to focus. Yet for those who are more quiet and introspective, songs without lyrics may be the way to go.

“There is no answer set in stone,” tells Calderwood. “It will always vary from student to student, everyone is unique.” However, if you feel the need to multitask while you do your work, then music is the clear-cut best option.

Senior Cooper Brannigan remarks that “music is relaxing and keeps my mind focused on the job at hand.” He adds, “When I put on my Marvin, it shuts me off from the outside.”

So is there a recipe for success when you start your studying? Not exactly. There isn’t one way to go about studying. Essentially, it boils down to what you are used to and what can make you feel comfortable and at ease. If it’s music, then keep cranking the tunes; however, if it isn’t, then there are a multitude of other options as well.