These are the songs that define our senior class


Columnist David Colton poses for a picture.

Everybody soundtracks their own life.

Whether you’re a three-sport athlete, a chem-phys kid or a theater kid, we can all agree that music has been a great force in our lives. And it has played a powerful influence since the second we stepped inside ETHS in 2011.

Rock n’ roll, jazz, hip-hop, rap, EDM and even Nickelback has gotten us through these past four years of studying, tests, breakups, makeups, and of course, stress.

I’ll refresh your memory and help you look back at some of the most influential songs of our high school careers.

Freshman Year (2011-2012):

As we made our way through the halls with our 50-pound backpacks and wide eyes, there was one song that we all blared through our headphones as we walked into Boltwood Cafeteria: Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye.

This song is easily one of the catchiest ever written, but how it finished above Glad You Came by The Wanted is a complete mystery to me. I guess the song had a larger effect than I anticipated.

Sophomore Year (2012-2013):

As sophomores, we started to figure out our way around the school and began exploring new trends. In fact, arguably the biggest trend of these past four years happened during sophomore year: Harlem Shake by Bauuer.

That’s right, you guys remember the first glimpse of a trap song any of us ever heard. The song was pretty good, but it was really the video phenomenon that took our school (and the rest of the country) by storm.

This was also the year Thrift Shop finished atop the charts, so it was pretty much an all around great year.

Junior Year (2013-2014):

Before I even start, the song isn’t Happy. Okay? It just isn’t. That song was good for about five minutes, and then the cult started to form. By the end of last year (AKA by the time Student Council got weirdly obsessed with it), I think we were all pretty much ready to assassinate Pharrell.

Another big hit was Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. You all remember seeing her in that video, busting moves none of us knew she could.

Senior Year (2014-2015):

When it comes down to it, this has been the most fun year, no question. When it comes down to it, there’s really only one song we’ll remember this year by.

Trap Queen by Fetty Wap.

If this wasn’t the song you were thinking of for this year, don’t feel alienated. Everyone has their own taste, and that’s partially why music will help us remember these years.

Whether you like Hot Boy, Take Me to Church, Uptown Funk or No Flex Zone, everyone is someone’s Trap Queen.

When it comes down to it, these are the songs we will remember high school by. If you heard them at prom, homecoming, or even just a pep rally, these songs will always take us back to ETHS.