Percussionists ready to play at the next level


Senior percussionist Joe Bricker.

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Charlie Culbert 

School: New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music

Major: Drum Set Performance

ETHS Highlights: Meeting, working with, and being inspired by all musicians, actors, and artists at the school

Beginnings/career: Started  playing drums in 4th grade with rock influence. Since his move to ETHS, he has expanded his horizons to all aspects of music.

Future: Plans to jam a lot in college while studying the exciting courses offered. Hopes to be NYC musician, playing jazz, hip-hop, electronic music, and anything else that comes his way.


Trevor Zemsteff

School: USC, Thornton School of  Music

Major: Jazz Studies

ETHS Highlights: Performing and absorbing the exciting curriculum.  Enjoying the trip to NYC his junior year.

Beginnings/career: Started  playing drums at 10 and has studied with a teacher for 8 years.  Raised on classic rock, he immersed himself at ETHS with all kinds of music.

Future: Plans to jam with musicians in college and gig around the LA music scene.  He hopes to make music his career and play all kinds of music.


Joe Bricker

School: Juilliard School

Major: Classical Percussion- Performance

ETHS Highlights: Playing “Turn Down For What” at last football game and having student section explode.

Beginnings/career: Originally wanted to play saxophone but was told by band director to go bang on a table.  He instantly fell in love.  Has since become principle of     Chicago Youth Symphony as well as the principle of Midwest Young Artists Symphony.

Future: Plans to refine performance as well as expand to contemporary music and explore New York.

Senior percussionist Joe Bricker