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Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Columnist

By Miyoki Walker
Dont let the status quo get you down

Don’t let the status quo get you down

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Columnist May 24, 2018

You know that scene in the 2004 Tina Fey-written classic Mean Girls where the entire social dynamic of the high school lunchroom is summed up in a quick two-minute scene? And the students rip each...

Opinion: Recognizing the biases at work in the Evanstonian

Miyoki Walker, Columnist May 4, 2018

Every time I walk into the Evanstonian room, I’m surrounded primarily by white faces. This is not unusual (most of my AP and honors classes are filled with mostly white people), but it is not lost...

Comedians should stand up for more than laughs

Comedians should stand up for more than laughs

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Columnist April 27, 2018

Just kidding. Although the point of comedy is to make people laugh, comedians must be aware, not just of the intent, but also of the message they are sending with their jokes and the people they are...

Black Panther: the box office hit no one expected

Miyoki Walker, Enterntainment Columnist March 12, 2018

Wakanda Forever. “Black Panther,” the newest entry in Marvel’s cinematic universe, is making history for both challenging stereotypes about African culture and ruling the box office. The...

Times Up supporters must practice what they preach

Time’s Up supporters must practice what they preach

Miyoki Walker and Miyoki Walker February 22, 2018

That guy wearing a “Time’s Up” button on the red carpet supports sexual predators. 2017, dubbed “the year of reckoning” by the Chicago Tribune, was chock full of sexual assault allegations and...

Get Out as a comedy is the real joke

“Get Out” as a comedy is the real joke

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Columnist December 15, 2017

Who’s laughing? Get Out, released in late February, gained instant critical acclaim for its portrayal of black oppression in the face of white liberalism. Following Chris, a black male meeting his white...

Stop romanticizing statutory rape

Stop romanticizing statutory rape

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Editor November 21, 2017

Don’t let shows like Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars fool you. Statutory rape is illegal, unhealthy and should not be depicted on screen for teenage audiences. Riverdale, a CW produced adaptation...

Artists actions cant be overlooked

Artist’s actions can’t be overlooked

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Columnist November 3, 2017

Imagine you are listening to Spotify’s Top 50 on shuffle and a Chris Brown song comes on. Are you likely to skip the song, question why it’s on the list at all, or are you complicit? We claim to...

YAMO? More like YA-NO

YAMO? More like YA-NO

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Columnist October 14, 2017

Although YAMO has reached a high level of prestige over the last 60 years, the hype surrounding the show overshadows its flaws, such as a lack of diversity in casting and tendency to outshine other...

Don’t forgive celebrities’ bad behavior

Miyoki Walker and Miyoki Walker September 22, 2017

Although Taylor Swift is portrayed in the media as a “good girl,” she is not as innocent as she seems. Flashback to the moment when Kanye West takes the microphone from Taylor Swift, right as she...

The Harlem Shake sent students across the country into a dance craze.

Students reflect on pop-culture trends over the years

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Editor May 31, 2017

Over the years, crazes from dabbing to the Ice Bucket Challenge have shaped the way the senior class has viewed their high school experience. Trends, often stemming from the Internet, reach a wide range...

A capella students rehearse for their performance this Sunday

A capella groups join forces for spring concert

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Editor March 17, 2017

All A cappella. This Sunday evening, the A cappella vocal lab groups will perform in a two hour concert in the Upstairs Theatre. The concert will showcase four groups--the ETHS A Cappella Choir,...

2017 Oscars confront issues that matter to students

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Editor February 24, 2017

Lights, cameras, Oscars. This Sunday, as political tensions run high, the 89th annual Academy Awards raises questions about equal representation, social justice and rape culture. “Every year we...

Stage Crew builds sets for the upcoming production.

One Man, Two Guvnors prepares for opening night

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Editor February 7, 2017

Make ‘em laugh! On Feb. 9, the ETHS theater company will perform the comedy play One Man, Two Guvnors. “The play is a contemporary comedy even though it’s not set in America in 2017,” Theater...

Century Theater in downtown Evanston

2016 in film

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Editor December 16, 2016

That’s a wrap! With the end of 2016 fast approaching, it’s time to take a look back at the best and worst films of the year. 2016 was a year of surprise, and film was no exception. There were...

Holiday concert unites music programs

Holiday concert unites music programs

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Editor November 22, 2016

The weather outside is frightful, but the music is delightful. Student musicians will gather in the auditorium on Dec. 11. for the annual holiday music festival to ring in the holidays with music and...

Tri-M promotes music education in schools

Tri-M promotes music education in schools

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Editor October 28, 2016

Music Masters, hail to thee! On Nov. 1, Tri-M, a program sponsored by the National Association for Music Education, will induct new members into the National Music Honor Society in conjunction with...

Paige Robinson makes final touches on a project

It’s a 3D world as art become three dimensional

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Editor October 5, 2016

Some art classes fall flat, but not 3D Design. AP 3D Design is a class focused on sculpture and ceramics. Students who have experience with either of these subjects can join to complete biweekly projects...

Modern homecoming strays from tradition

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Editor September 16, 2016

While students may think of Homecoming as a modern concept, this simply isn’t the case. “It is an age old high school tradition to celebrate Homecoming,” says director of Student Activities, Nicole...

Why do we have the Friday Song?

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Editor August 22, 2016

ETHS has a song in its heart...or several. Since 1992, ETHS has started each Friday off with a unique song. The songs entertain us all, yet there is a ton of mystery around how and why the Friday song...

Anxiety strikes ETHS students

Anxiety strikes ETHS students

Miyoki Walker, Guest Writer January 8, 2016

Don’t let anxiety dictate your life. The constant pressure of school can certainly cause uneasiness in any student, but there is always someone or somewhere to go to for help. “When you’re anxious,...

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