Why do we have the Friday Song?

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Editor

ETHS has a song in its heart…or several. Since 1992, ETHS has started each Friday off with a unique song. The songs entertain us all, yet there is a ton of mystery around how and why the Friday song makes its way to our P.A. systems.

“Let’s just keep that a mystery, respectfully speaking,” says Nicole Boyd, Director of Student Activities. “Ultimately, the Student Activities Department is responsible.”

Although we only know the Friday song as an ETHS tradition, there are many factors that go into deciding what songs make the cut. “It has to be at least ten years old, so it’s not any current music,” Boyd says. “Last year we were intentional on having a Latina female so that it’s not the same style year after year.”

Despite efforts to offer diversity with the Friday song, some students don’t believe the songs represent the student body.

“Even though these songs don’t represent everyone at ETHS,” says Junior Josh O’Steen, “they represent what ETHS is all about: making the world a better place.”

Featured artists have ranged from Michael Jackson to The Rolling Stones, always giving students a kick out of their passing period commute.

The Friday song is one tradition that will never end, but students have a few suggestions to improve the overall experience. “Whoever makes the decision should choose a more popular song so that students can sing with their friends and be happy that it is Friday.”

We may never know exactly who chooses the Friday song, but the mystery doesn’t hinder the excitement.

“Once I hear the Friday song, I know the weekend is soon, so it gets me pumped, ” Sophomore Erin Ikeuchi says. “I think the songs represent ETHS through the messages they convey.”

Although opinions differ, the Friday song is an uplifting way to end a long school week, and without it, you may even forget it’s Friday.