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Rachel Krumholz

Rachel Krumholz, Executive Editor

My name is Rachel Krumholz and I am an Executive Editor of The Evanstonian. I oversee the In-Depth and Opinion sections. In the past, I have acted as a Feature Editor, In-Depth Editor and social media director. In addition to The Evanstonian, I am a participant in Latin Club and as a facilitator of SOAR (Students Organized Against Racism). I work as a nanny and as a hostess at The Stained Glass and Cellar in Evanston. I found journalism freshman year and have loved it ever since. I intend to further study journalism, hopefully with a focus on political science, after high school.

By Rachel Krumholz
Lowe, Krumholz (back row, first from right) and other members of The Evanstonian staff in 2019

‘It’s not often that a teacher, or any person for that matter, stands alongside you in your struggle’

Rachel Krumholz, 2018-19 Executive Editor September 10, 2020
I loved Lowe. I love Lowe — his off-kilter humor, candy jar, uninspiring inspirational posters, blunt emails, chaotic power points, current event competitions and all. I wish I had told him this, I am sure everyone who knew Lowe wished they had told him this.

A reclamation of my Jewish identity

Rachel Krumholz, Executive Editor May 23, 2019

When I was four years old, I asked my Dad to buy me a Kippah. He did. No one told me that Kippahs were not made for four-year-old girls, rather were traditionally worn by Jewish men. But even if I had...

In light of Christchurch

In light of Christchurch

Rachel Krumholz and Lara-Nour Walton April 26, 2019

Trigger Warning: The following piece discusses matters of violence and hatred in regards to Islamophobia. *Arabs and Muslims are not synonymous with one another and should not be conflated, but for...

Corey Winchester was awarded a 2019 Golden Apple Award on March 18.

[Photo] Corey Winchester declared Golden Apple recipient

Rachel Krumholz, Staff Writer March 22, 2019

Corey Winchester was awarded a 2019 Golden Apple Award on March 18.

Students recount experiences with mental health services

Students recount experiences with mental health services

Trigger Warning: The following story contains information regarding mental health issues that may trigger some readers. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Disclaimer: In this...

Gunman kills 12 in California bar

Rachel Krumholz, Sophia Weglarz and Mac Stone November 9, 2018

On Wednesday night, at around 11:20 p.m. PT, 28-year-old gunman Ian David Long walked into Borderline Bar in Thousand Oaks, CA, killing 12 people and injuring over a dozen before killing himself. Most...

Senior Brea Matthews posted an Instagram reaction to the Van Dyke verdict on Friday.

Evanstonians surprised by Van Dyke verdict, contemplate future actions

Rachel Krumholz, Executive Editor October 9, 2018

On the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 3, students and faculty anxiously gathered around their devices and listened to the long-awaited verdict on the charges against Jason Van Dyke, the Chicago Police Officer...

Opinion: The Evanstonian’s whiteness hinders the portrayal of students of color

Rachel Krumholz, In-Depth Editor April 27, 2018

Receiving news is a right. Receiving accurate news, however, seems to have become more of a privilege. Due to an overwhelmingly dominant number of white journalists compared to journalists of color,...

A Chicago student rallies against gun violence on behalf of people of color at the April 20 march.

Chicago students protest gun violence

Rachel Krumholz, In-Depth Editor April 27, 2018

In efforts to protest gun violence that has predominantly plagued communities of color throughout history and commemorate victims of recent school shootings, hundreds of students participated in the Chicago...

Students walk out to demand tighter gun control laws

Students walk out to demand tighter gun control laws

Rachel Krumholz, In-Depth Editor March 23, 2018

Enough. One month later, students were still furious; they were still scared. At 10 a.m. on March 14, thousands of Evanston students flooded out of the school. As a way of channeling their anger...

Junior Liana Wallace ends her poem about the intersection of gun violence and race by raising her fist.

Identity contributes to the complexity of safety

Rachel Krumholz and Callie Grober March 23, 2018

In light of recent school shootings, school safety has become a divisive issue across the country. However, physical security is not the only matter at hand; feeling unsafe in school can have extreme repercussions...

The Journalism Education Association recognizes Rodney Lowe.

Rodney Lowe wins lifetime achievement

Rachel Krumholz, In-Depth Editor February 22, 2018

After decades of educating students, mentoring young journalists and shaping a high school newspaper, former Evanstonian adviser Rodney Lowe is presented a lifetime achievement award from the Journalism...

Haven Middle School is one of the main feeder schools for ETHS.

In-Depth: From middle school to high school

The Lock-Out of Low Income Although the many historic attempts to integrate Evanston by means of busing were made with good intentions, the fight for integration within Evanston schools was not a complete...

Income inequality

Rachel Krumholz, In-Depth Editor November 21, 2017

A tale of two cities. Evanston’s income inequality translates into classrooms at a higher rate than the rest of Illinois, creating a severe academic divide between different socioeconomic classes. “Income...

The Pot Thickens

The Pot Thickens

Adam Marquardt, Ella Kanter and Rachel Krumholz November 3, 2017

While the Evanstonian and ETHS do not condone the use of marijuana, the legalization and use of weed has grown to be a highly contested topic, and recreational marijuana use has become more common (and...

Oil and water

Rachel Krumholz and Sophia Weglarz October 16, 2017

ETHS is known for priding itself off its diversity, yet there is one aspect that is constantly being overlooked; social segregation among students is rarely talked about. “Socially speaking, people...

Country thunder

Rachel Krumholz, Entertainment Editor August 28, 2017

Though music festivals typically act as a carefree common ground for all music lovers, country music festival Country Thunder has brought up arguments among Evanston residents.      Country thunder...

Health Office offers free STI testing for everyone

Health Office offers free STI testing for everyone

Rachel Krumholz, Feature Editor April 21, 2017

In light of the fact that April is “Get Yourself Tested” Month, the nurses at the Health Center are teaming up with ​the City of Evanston Health Department, Y.O.U., and Howard Brown Health to...

Students attend the SOAR conference

SOAR and MSAN support students of color

Rachel Krumholz, Feature Editor March 17, 2017

Though America has proven itself to be a country where racism is still extremely prevalent, Students Organized Against Racism (SOAR) is fighting back. “SOAR tries to provide a space for students to...

The Obamas’ impact on public education

Rachel Krumholz, Feature Editor February 6, 2017

After two full terms, Barack Obama is officially out of office, but it’s important to recognize what both Barack and Michelle Obama did to change public education. “Public education is definitely...

Sexual harassment still occurs despite numerous efforts to stop it

Rachel Krumholz, Feature Editor December 16, 2016

Despite various measures taken by both students and administrators, sexual harassment still occurs frequently within our very hallways. Most of the time, it’s not that obvious. According to senior...

ETHS attempts to further the sexual harassment conversation

Rachel Krumholz, Feature Editor November 22, 2016

Sexual harassment. Though various measures have been taken by both students and administrators, this issue still occurs frequently within our very hallways. Most of the time, it’s not that obvious....

Generation Z’s qualities separate us from the rest

Rachel Krumholz, Feature Editor October 27, 2016

Generation Z. The Post-Millennials, the Homeland Generation, the Centennials, the IGeneration- we’re the next generation to prosper. Although there is no definite birth year range to define Generation...

ETHS alum now a bestselling author

ETHS alum now a bestselling author

Rachel Krumholz, Feature Editor October 5, 2016

Before journalist David Epstein made his debut publishing The Sports Gene, which is now a bestselling book, he was an both athlete and writer for the Evanstonian right here at ETHS. The idea behind...

Green Team to make big changes

Green Team to make big changes

Rachel Krumholz, Feature Editor September 16, 2016

In the midst of homework and tests, “going green” is the least of our worries, but rising environmental issues show how important it really is. “I think the environment is one of the most pressing...

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