Girls hockey sees success on the horizon

Kevin Thomas, Staff Writer

Although ETHS’ girls hockey team ended with a 6-16-1 record, there is still much to celebrate, as junior Jenny Maguire earned a
spot on the All-State team. With the teams season reaching an end, they were able to accomplish some of the goals they set for themselves.

“Some goals for our team were to improve our skills, and get up to some of the other teams levels. At the old Robert Crown we were put on the small ice rink, and we did not have as much strength. Now, we plan on getting better. For me, I recently have switched to being a defender and plan on getting better at this position. I have realized that I enjoy defense more, so I want to get
more skilled in this Area,” sophomore Ali Wolf said.

With the new, larger facility, they hope to be able to practice better, which will lead to better performance.

“This team is obviously not the best in the league, so it’s important to set goals and constantly improve. I think at the end of the day, our main goal is to just have fun,” junior Margot Durston said.

No team is perfect and can always improve with practice, which is why the Kits value dedication and a positive attitude.

“I believe the team this year can work on their mental game. We need to focus on what is right in front of us and not worry about the goal that the other team just scored. I feel as though the team gets too into their own heads, myself included, when one little thing goes wrong; it shifts the tone quite a bit. But we have managed to contain that as the season went on,” senior Olivia Dipadova said.