Girls hockey sees light through tunnel of a losing season

Sophia McCandlish, Assistant Sports Editor

With a new coach and collection of new players, the girls hockey team is hoping to move forward from previous year’s lack of success.

The Evanston Hockey Association is against having players from AAA. AAA is a program that is deemed to be the most competitive league for both boys and girls hockey players at the elite level. The prohibition of these players deals into the success of the team.

“AAA players are people who play for intense club teams. It is very hard to make these teams,” sophomore Ali Wolf said. “That is why we do not allow these players on our team. Although, other girls’ teams do.”

Continuing their season with a 1-8-2 record, the team finds it hard to adjust as they are forced to step up their performance in order to compete with other teams. Even though AAA players can’t play for Evanston, they constantly appear on opposing teams.

In some ways, the lack of elite-level players is beneficial to the team. Because hockey is a club team at ETHS, it has a less time consuming schedule. 

“We practice three days a week with usually two games as well,” sophomore Ellery Grenzebach said. 

From warmups to the fun games at the end of practice, the team works on everything from shooting to forechecking plays.

Make sure to catch the Kits as they take on Lake Forest High School at the North Shore Ice Arena in Northbrook tonight at 9:20.