Kerr chooses Miami of Ohio


Photo courtesy of Julie Lucas

Kerr sprints up the pitch.

Chris Werner, Sports Editor

While the prospect of college commitment may seem daunting to most young athletes, senior Keara Kerr committed to the Miami of Ohio soccer program before even finishing her freshman year.

“The commitment process is not easy and it seems that girls keep getting younger and younger when they commit,” Kerr said. “But, my club has helped with my commitment process by giving me lots of opportunities.”

Kerr has been playing soccer since she was four, but, when she was 11, Kerr switched club teams and started playing for FC United, where she has played ever since. However, once spring rolls around, Kerr devotes most of her time to the ETHS girls soccer team. As a varsity starter since her freshman year, she has received accolades ranging from all-Conference to all-Sectional.

“I owe a lot to my high school team and coach. I love every day I go to practice with them,” Kerr said. “They make me remember why I love soccer so much.”

Kerr primarily looked for schools in the Midwest before finding Miami of Ohio, whose community environment appealed to Kerr above all else.

“I loved the campus and the girls that I had met on the team,” Kerr explained. “I really saw myself being happy there, which I think was the biggest thing for me.”

After her final season with ETHS this spring, Kerr will begin her collegiate career full of excitement to see what new adventures soccer will bring her in the coming years.

“You have to find a place that wants you and that you want to be a part of,” Kerr said. “I love soccer, and I just hope to keep playing as much soccer as I can and develop myself into a better person and player by learning from my new teammates and coaches.”