We don’t want Pomkits… all the time

Harrison Witt, Sports Columnist

Pomkits are a great ETHS tradition, but at a certain point it is time to give other people a chance to perform at these high profile halftimes as well.

Don’t get me wrong, the Pomkits are a very talented group.  They have brought a lot of excitement and spirit to the audience, but it is starting to come up short for me.  It feels a bit repetitive when we see them.  They play very similar songs, and the dances don’t seem all that different.  However, that is not their fault whatsoever.  It is difficult to perform at every pep rally and every half time show of football and basketball home games and provide something new every time.  For sports fans, like myself, we see them all the time.  It is time to change it up.

Two groups that tend to go under the radar are Cheerleading and E-Town Step Squad.  These two groups are as talented as Pomkits, yet they rarely get the opportunity to perform during halftime.  Performing at halftime is a huge honor, and these two groups have certainly earned it.  These two groups have captivated audiences at pep rallies just as much, if not more, than the Pomkits have recently.

Take for example cheerleading.  Cheerleading is there at all the basketball and football games, but they never get a chance to truly perform.  They lead cheers, do some dance-type acts, get the crowd going to an extent, and even throw in some fun stunts.  However, there is a different feel when Cheerleading gets the chance to perform during the pep rally.

When they are given a stage, they certainly step it up.  There are people dancing, jumping, flipping, cartwheeling, you name it.  It is fun, it is different, they deserve to show it to a mass audience.  They get to perform at two pep rallies and at competitions.  They never get an enormous audience to show off. These basketball games lately have drawn in a huge crowds.  This would be a perfect stage to showcase some different talents at ETHS.  Why not start with Cheer?
Another group, as prior mentioned, that deserves some support is the E-Town Step Squad.  This group is, so captivating, and I think would bring some electricity to the audience during games.  They come out to music, do some dancing, step, clap, and bring more enthusiasm than anyone.  According to one member, they always talk about wanting to perform more, specifically during half time.  I don’t blame them; they are talented.  I paid attention last pep rally to what the “buzz” was around the stands.  The NUMBER ONE question being asked was   “Why isn’t the step team performing?”.  Everyone wants to see them, so they deserve the platform to perform during halftime at basketball games (football would be tough because of the turf).

The step team gets minimal performance time.  They get to perform at, typically, two pep rallies and at a few competitions.  On occasion over the past years, the Step Team performed at a basketball game, but they are not going to this year.  That is a true shame; they would ignite a whole lot of fun throughout Beardsley.  Unfortunately, the team is losing a big chunk of performers because they are seniors.  I know that I hope they can find some people so they can continue.  Perhaps if they had more opportunities to perform, they would get more members involved.

This is not a Pomkits diss track at all.  Pomkits are talented and a lot of fun. But at a certain point, it is good to experience something new.  Don’t get rid of Pomkits completely, but make halftime a more inclusive stage.  One solution would be to rotate the performances between Pomkits, Cheer, and Step.  This would create a more diverse and interesting panel of halftime shows.  That is to go along with the band who are consistent during football games.

ETHS sports are playing better than ever.  In order to gain electricity and excitement in the stands, halftime shows need to be improved.  By increasing the teams that get to perform during halftime, there will be more fun to get the stands rocking.