ETHS Thrift Shop returns to The Hub, offering fun, affordable shopping experience

Elliot Hoffner, Staff Writer

This past week, the ETHS Thrift Shop returned to The Hub after closing for several months. Tuesday through Friday, the Thrift Shop was open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and students could shop through the many different offerings, including jeans, dresses, t-shirts and shoes.

Thrifting started in the late 20th century, though it became popular in the 2000s. Though once simply a way to find cheaper clothes that people donated, newer generations have turned it into both a cost-efficient and popular way to find new clothes. 

Photo by Elliot Hoffner

Ever since ETHS decided to create and run its own thrift shop, many appreciate the value it gives to both the students and the faculty.

“The money goes to a good cause. We’re really doing something for the students and their families in ETHS. It’s a really cool community builder because as students come in and faculty and staff come in, it’s a really fun way to exchange,” said Beth Arey, the College and Career Services Coordinator at ETHS.

Arey is a regular shopper and donator at the Thrift Shop, since her office is located right next door.

Erin Claeys, one of the Thrift Shop coordinators, also noticed the benefits of the store for ETHS. 

“It destigmatizes the need for low-cost clothing,” said Claeys. “[Students] can more easily shop and it becomes normalized because everybody shops at the Thrift Shop. It’s also a great way for people to get rid of their clothes. We have a lot of staff members and students who donate their clothes here and then it gets a second life through other members in the building.”

The Thrift Shop runs off donations, which it gets from both students and staff.

“We take donations all the time, so if you are ever doing a closet cleanout, drop off your donations,” said Claeys. 

Donations can be dropped off in the Community Service Office in The Hub year-round, allowing all kinds of clothes to find a second life.

“It’s really joyful to then see people take your things and leave happily with new things that I brought in,” Arey said. “[I] have three daughters, all wearing teenage things. So we go through a lot of clothes in our house. What’s better than bringing them to the ETHS Thrift Shop? To bring them here is really fun.” 

Photo by Elliot Hoffner

The Thrift Shop runs off clothing donations, but it also relies on volunteers to continue operation. Students can volunteer to help run the Thrift Shop during a free time period in their school day. 

“There’s a lot of nice things here. Especially for seniors who have prom coming up,” Ashveen Gill, a junior who recently volunteered at the Thrift Shop, said. 

The Thrift Shop has a variety of dresses available for purchase and gives shoppers many options for prom dresses. Prom registration for seniors begins April 18 and prom night is May 13. 

To ensure that everything is affordable, all items at the Thrift Shop cost one dollar, regardless of the original price. 

There’s so many pretty dresses… if you go somewhere else it would be a hundred, [or] two hundred dollars and here it’s just a dollar,” said Gill. 

Though Claeys said this was likely the last large Thrift Shop week of the school year, a prom-themed shopping week may be in store. However, the Thrift Shop hasn’t completely closed for the rest of the school year. 

“We are always open in that last cubicle in the Hub upon request,” Claeys said.