Honors recital celebrates choir, band and orchestra performers

Hannah Cervantes, Staff Writer

On January 24 ETHS hosted its annual Honors Recital, an event hosted by the ETHS music staff. Participants in the school band, orchestra and choir are able to audition for the chance to perform solo or with a group. Getting into this event is no small feat. Weeks of preparation went into each and every audition and performance. The instruments ranged from french horns to harps and the songs were written by an assortment of famous composers. 

One of these talented students, freshman Chloe Von Hoff played a 7-minute-long piece from memory on her violin. “I practiced this piece for a long time,” she said, “ It was a long piece to put together because each variation had its different challenges.” This was Von Hoff’s first year performing in the recital. “The experience of performing with the other students was a really cool thing to do,” she added.  

The process of auditioning for the recital was exclusive. Not everyone who auditioned was able to get into the concert itself. The number of people auditioning has been dwindling in the past few years, with the pandemic discouraging people from practicing their musical talents. Hopefully, this event will have more participation and audience members in the years to come. These talented students deserve all the support there is to offer in the ETHS community!