New pro-choice club helps students ‘keep that power’

Mackenzie Greco and Maeve Haughey

New to ETHS this year is the Pro-Choice club, run by Elizabeth Wenning and Yudora Petraitis. Wenning had the idea when she saw a pro life club started at that school, and thought she would do the same thing, but the opposite. Petraitis and Wenning both care deeply about reproductive rights, especially right now, while they are under attack in certain states and at the federal level. 

Taking into account their desire to bring awareness to this issue in the ETHS community, they started the process of this club. 

We talked to Ms. [Kathy] Rosemond. She’s the Student Activities Coordinator.  We met with her a couple of times, just to talk through what we had planned, [and] she helped us in the process. Then we found a sponsor, and we agreed that we wanted it to be a woman,” Petraitis explained.

When looking for a sponsor, the co-founders decided they wanted it to be a woman, mainly because the pro-choice movement is specifically affecting women and their families. Petraitis’s English teacher from the 2021-2022 school year happened to be Wenning’s current English teacher,so, they decided to ask her because they were both comfortable and familiar with her. Of course, Ms.Georgantas agreed. 

“I have both girls in class and they asked me if I would sponsor [the club] and I just felt like it was really important to start and I think they really want to raise awareness of choice issues and the fact that so many women can’t get abortions in neighboring states and I just thought it was really cool that they wanted to put this together,” Georgantas shared. 

While the process of starting a club at ETHS was fun and interesting for the co-founders, there was concern for what the rest of the student body might think of this specific one. Yet, so far, there’s been no negative reaction.

“At the moment, I haven’t really seen too many [bad] reactions. To the administration as a whole, I doubt [negative reactions] because Evanston is a fairly progressive area. The other students… [who] perhaps hold different views, obviously, I could see them taking issue with it. Honestly, part of it is, if you don’t like it, don’t join. Right?” Petraitis expressed. 

The co-founders are very passionate about this issue, as well as Ms. Georgantas. Since recent negative reactions to this issue, they’ve been going to protests and advocating for the pro-choice movement. 

“I feel like not only is it important for women to have [a] choice, but also to keep that power, the power to make those decisions.” Ms. Georganatas shared.

The pro-choice club, while new to ETHS, will make a large impact on the ETHS community and its students. Club members will be supporting and bringing awareness to this issue that has influenced so many lives. Join Elizabeth Wenning and Yudora Petraitis on the journey to contribute and make a difference!