A positively glowing evening: Homecoming 2022

Lily Kellams and Stella Morten

This year ETHS is making a switch from formal to relaxed with the new student picked glow in the dark Homecoming dance theme. Bright lights and neon colors filled the fieldhouse this Saturday for homecoming, but how do the students feel about this? 

Homecoming left ETHS booming on October 1st. As the night ended and glow sticks were left on the floor of the fieldhouse, students started to reflect on their night and experience, some of these hot topics being  the theme and homecoming court. 

Students are able to vote on a theme for the homecoming dance each year. As other dances have gotten cut from the roster, such as ‘frosh/soph formal,’ and a few others, students’ opinions on this fun easy-going dance have changed. 

The hesitation some feel towards homecoming is nothing personal, it is caused by the lack of other dances at ETHS for underclassmen. 

“I like how it is, but if we had a real dance as well, it would make sense for it to be formal, if there was another formal dance then this would be fun,” says sophomore Tait Hansen. 

Hansen expressed that this is a common feeling among her and her friends, but how do the representatives of this dance feel about it?

Running for homecoming court is something a handful of seniors anticipate and wait years to do. Senior Jaiden Francis, who won homecoming court, detailed his experience and involvement, which handed him the crown at the homecoming football game.

“I really do like homecoming for the most part, I mean feel like it would be cool to have it more formal, but for the most part I think it’s a fun dance and I like going.” 

As a representative of the dance, Francis expressed that the casual feeling of homecoming is something that makes it more enjoyable and fun. 

Running for homecoming court doesn’t guarantee votes from your peers. Making posters and passing out candy are both aspects of the race that the court has fun with.

“I liked having to do all the posters and everything, I feel like my mom and my sister are really having more fun with it than I am, but I think it’s fun to do all of that stuff,” said Francis. 

Though glowing in the dark was the highlight of the night for most, making a night out of it is a popular experience among ETHS students. Many shared they upgraded their Saturday night by grabbing dinner or taking pictures with friends before the dance.

“Before [the dance], we’re all going to my house and getting ready together and taking photos and I’m very excited. I did it last year too,” Hansen added about her pre-dance plans.

Freshman Naomi Goldberg is looking forward to her first homecoming dance at ETHS. Anticipating loads of fun, she can’t wait to spend the night with her friends and peers.

“It’s my first time [going to homecoming]. I’m excited to see everyone,” Goldberg says.

The anticipation and excitement from the student body about homecoming was well lived. Post-dance, many students enjoyed their Saturday night with their friends and peers, whether that was in the fieldhouse or during outside plans. Safe to say that Homecoming 2022 was much appreciated and made many memories.