Thomas Rees


ETHS special education and math teacher Thomas Rees is retiring at the end of the 2022 school year.

Originally a database marketer, Rees started his teaching career later in life. He was inspired to go into education after serving in the Peace Corps for two years in Guatemala. 

My experience teaching adults in the Peace Corps was what got me interested in beginning a career in education,” said Rees. 

While Rees came to ETHS in 2008,he has strong ties to the ETHS community not only as a teacher at ETHS, having grown up in Evanston and is a Dawes, Chute and ETHS alumni. 

Rees’ favorite memories of teaching at ETHS involve seeing his past students grow and succeed in their post-secondary lives. 

My favorite memory at ETHS has to be seeing my past students succeed in the ‘real world.’ This could be a student continuing to excel at university or a student succeeding in their chosen skilled trade.” Rees stated. 

Reflecting on his high school experience and the significant changes that have accumulated in the education system since then, Rees instructs students to work on their GPA and grades right away to better their chances of getting into college.  

“As an ETHS student in the 70s, we did not have the data trail as students today. We had more flexibility in choosing colleges and those colleges were not as fixated on data. This means that thinking about GPA should begin freshman year.” Rees advised. 

Rees has made a significant impact on the school throughout more than a decade of teaching at ETHS. He has close connections to the school community as a teacher and alumnus and will be missed at ETHS. After retiring, Rees hopes to return to traveling and exploring the world while also relaxing in his home in Wisconsin. 

I have traveled all over the world and have cycled in many of these places,” Rees concluded. “I will continue to do this and spend time at our home in Northern Wisconsin.”