Remembering ETHS: Mary Theresa Reed


Photo courtesy of Mary Theresa Reed.

Sari Oppenheimer, Staff Writer

After 36 years of teaching in both District 65 and at ETHS, director of choirs, Mary Theresa Reed is retiring from her long career as a teacher. 

“It’s been kind of cool to be able to say that I taught 36 years, throughout the school system, the public school system of Evanston,” Reed said.

Reed began her teaching career working at Dawes Elementary School for six years as the Music and Chorus Director and then taught at Chute Middle School for 11 years as the Music and Choir Director. For the past 17 years, she has filled many different roles as a teacher at ETHS. Reed is the Director of Choirs, teaches piano and music technology. She has also served as the music director for the ETHS musicals. 

Throughout her time as a teacher at ETHS, she welcomed every student into her classroom and considers it an honor to be able to teach them and see them grow as students. 

“She considers herself an educator, not just a teacher,” senior JeanneVyves Idzokowski said. 

 As a teacher, she has brought music into the ETHS community, introducing different styles of music on culturally significant days and in choir pieces. Reed fostered an environment both in her classroom and in any music setting where students could develop a passion for the way music brings people together. 

“She wanted to share teaching and the idea of sharing things with others for as long as I can remember,” Idzokowski said. “Whenever we’re doing choir or if there’s a concert or something outside of school involved in music. She is constantly trying to get the people around her passionate about music.”

In the coming years, one of her goals is to walk a marathon in every state and she is planning on buying a property in Colorado. 

Reed plans on continuing to express her love and appreciation for music through performing or directing choirs on a smaller scale.  “I definitely plan to continue using my music as an important vehicle in my life,” said Reed.