Robert Crown nears construction completion


Benji Fervoy

Robert Crown Community Center undergoes construction for its new building

Sadie Sims, Staff Writer

Entering 2020, the Robert Crown Center will be ending construction and opening a wide variety of new programs offered to community members.

“We are constructing our new 130,000 square foot recreation center and library,” Lawrence Hemingway, Evanston Director of Recreational Departments, said.

The new building is not the only major change being made to Robert Crown, with it also providing more opportunities to the south Evanston community. 

“They are trying to be a whole community center, not just an ice rink… in south Evanston, there are only two community centers: the Levy Center and Robert Crown. In north Evanston, there are so many,” junior Catie Glascott, a figure skater at Robert Crown, said. 

Improving the artistic abilities of community members by offering them a space to practice and improve is one main purpose for providing the new programs at Robert Crown. 

“There are a variety of art classes, we’re gonna have an art room… we also will have a fitness room… and an indoor walking track,” Hemingway said. 

Not only will this be a place for arts and athletics, but after construction, Robert Crown will also host a new library. 

“We will have a library, a public library, that will fill the need of the southwest side of Evanston where there is currently no library,” Hemingway said.

Construction is planned to end in November with an opening in December.