Community Service Department faces turnover


Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune

Sloane Rosenthal, Staff Writer

With the recent departure of Mary Collins, former Community Service Coordinator, both the Community Service Department and Community Service Club (CSC) are left without clear leadership for the next year.

“Ms. Collins’ strengths… were her compassion, kindness and connections with community members as well as her experience and relationships in Evanston,” Anna Wittcoff, student CSC Board Member, said.

Collins served Evanston for 11 years and in that time helped to not only support and grow the CSC but also grew student involvement in the community and began to work at redefining what service means to Evanston.

“We needed to link community involvement more directly to student interests and backgrounds so that the motivation [for service] is more personal or intrinsic rather than simply for the benefits [of] graduation requirements, honors society, etcetera,” Andrew Ginsberg,  history teacher and co-coordinator of the Community Involvement Initiative Team, said.

While Collins may have left Evanston, the work that she did to create a structure and guidelines for service will continue to be felt as the program moves into the future. 

“She has developed so many leaders and such strong programs during her 11 years at ETHS that her impact on ETHS is long-lasting and sustainable,” Echo Allen, CSC Board Member said.

The school is looking for potential hires for the role of Community Service Coordinator and plan to have someone hired at some point in the next year.