Chemistry teacher retires with plans to travel


Courtesy of the ETHS Key.

Jojo Wertheimer, Staff Writer

After 39 years of teaching, chemistry teacher Valrie Barrett is retiring from a long and rewarding career.

Barrett is originally from Jamaica and started her teaching career in the Bahamas where she taught for seven years. She then moved to New York for graduate school and ended up teaching there for 13 years. Barrett is now finishing off her teaching career after her 19th year at ETHS.  

“Teaching has been my only profession,” Barrett said.

Throughout Barrett’s career, she has been able to help students achieve their goals and helped them to succeed.

“I’ve seen students succeed, especially students who’ve struggled at first, master the material and then have gone on to do really well,” Barrett said. “It’s pretty rewarding.”

In retirement, Barrett plans to spend time with her three grandchildren, and hopefully, do some traveling.

“I want to retire when I’m still young enough and healthy enough to do the things I want to do,” Barrett said. “I like traveling. I’ve visited several countries but there are still a few more that I’d like to see. I’m actually toying with the idea of going to seminary to pursue a  degree in Biblical Studies.”