MULE aims to share unheard student voices in untaught languages

Maia Roothaan, Staff Writer

After a month of planning, The Magazine of Untaught Languages (MULE) is set to publish its first issue sometime before the end of the first semester, with stories in seven different languages including Arabic, Turkish and Urdu.

MULE currently has 10 writers who write stories or poems focused around a theme for each issue of the magazine.

Senior Sarah Bloom started MULE as a way to keep Hebrew alive at Evanston. Enrollment in Hebrew had gradually been declining, so ETHS discontinued Hebrew for any new students this year. The few upperclassmen that take Hebrew are a part of an independent study.

“Losing [Hebrew] is what kicked me into high gear, and inspired me to make this platform to raise not just the voices of the Hebrew students, but anyone who speaks a language that isn’t taught here,” Bloom said.

Students said the loss of Hebrew class made them feel like they had lost a large part of their identity which motivated them to make MULE a space for all students, not just those who speak Hebrew.

“MULE should be a space and a forum for people…who have a part of them that’s important that they want to express that can only be expressed through language,” club sponsor Aaron Becker said.

Club members want to use MULE to break language barriers and expand Evanston students knowledge of the diversity of the school.

The print version of the magazine will only be in untaught languages, but readers can go to the MULE website to read the English translation. MULE members want the magazine to be for everyone; even those who don’t speak a foreign language.