CTA, Pace change routes requiring students to adjust

Mac Stone, News Editor

In order to provide more accessibility to all of Evanston, CTA and Pace will implement changes to a number of bus routes, including the discontinuance of the 205 service on Aug. 31, as well as adjustments to the 208 and 213 services effective Aug. 12-13 respectively.

“I don’t know the real reason they’re taking away the 205,” senior Kyra Wernick said. “I know so many people who take it, and it’s always a very crowded bus.”

For Route 208, buses will no longer run on Skokie Boulevard between Golf Road and Church Street or on Church Street between Skokie Boulevard and Dodge Avenue. Instead, buses will run in between these two intersections via Golf Road, Emerson Street, Dodge Avenue and Church Street.

“Now because of the change to 208, students will only be able to come in from the front of the school instead of three different options on the west side,” evening safety lead and Evanston resident Betty Johnson said.

Route 213 has been changed significantly as well. All weekday and Saturday trips serving the CTA Purple Line Davis Station in Evanston will be extended to the CTA Red Line Howard Station. Additionally, certain weekday trips traveling between the Howard CTA Station and Green Bay Road/Oak Street in Winnetka will also serve Chicago Avenue and Green Bay Road in Evanston and reach ETHS via Church Street, Dodge Avenue, Simpson Street, and Ashland Avenue.

Some students believe that while the changes will have an impact on travel to school, the changes as a whole aren’t a huge deal.

“It will definitely be difficult to get used to the different schedule, but it really isn’t a big deal,” senior Adrian Asensio-Arkin said.

However, others believe that the changes will have a large impact on their travel to and from school everyday.

“I’m going to have to accommodate for the extra travel time, so I’ll have to get up earlier, I’ll get home later. I’m probably just going to use the bus less because of the inconvenience,” Wernick said.