Career Options Night, WorKIT Week offer alternative pathways


Mac Stone, News Editor

In order to provide alternative post-high school opportunities, ETHS and the City of Evanston will host the inaugural Career Options Night (CON) in N112 next Thursday, as well as WorKIT Week throughout next week.

“There will be a career fair set up, so that people can walk in and go to various tables to talk to representatives of different careers,” Post-Secondary Counselor Michelle Vazquez said. “For those that want deeper information, we have information sessions going on throughout the night.”

CON will highlight series of opportunities, aside from the typical four year university, including work, apprenticeships, job training and the military.

“I like the idea of paving my own path and being independent rather than just going to a normal college and still depending on my parents,” junior Danny White, who is interested in enlisting or attending West Point, said.

CON will be open to the public, while WorKIT Week will be open to students. Both events aim to raise awareness about pathways students can take besides college.

“Sometimes students feel that the only option is a four year university,” Vazquez said. “While that is a great option, many don’t realize that there are so many things someone can do after high school, so we really want to highlight those different choices.”

As for WorKIT Week, it will highlight multiple programs that will pay students to learn different skills and jobs, in addition to the previously highlighted post-high school pathways.

“Students will be able to learn about options after high school,” Vazquez said. “We’ll be bringing in different institutions that will pay students to learn careers, skills and job trainings.”

Institutions presenting at WorKIT Week range from the Evanston Rotary Club to the Evanston Public Library, as well as over 20 other programs.

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, the average cost of a four year university has risen by nearly 250 percent since 1985. This has led to an increase in young adults choosing a job over attending a university. According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, the total number of fall-term enrollment dropped by nearly 1.6 million from 2015 to 2016.

There is no sign up required for Career Options Night. If students would like to sign up for a session during WorKIT Week, they should do so via Naviance.