Meet the Mayor


Mayor Hagerty spoke to Evanston residents at his campaign kick-off event. Photo courtesy of Lauren Duquette.

Sarah Frieman, News Editor

Next Thursday, Nov.13, students will have the opportunity to express their concerns and ask questions to Mayor Steve Hagerty during lunch periods for the Mayor’s Annual Youth Day meeting.

“Mayor’s youth day gives Mayor Hagerty an opportunity to hear student input,” Director of Student Activities Nichole Boyd said. “Students will have the chance to talk about their experiences in Evanston and voice how they want the community to be improved.”

Mayor’s Youth Day was first initiated by Evanston’s previous mayor, Elizabeth Tisdahl. The meeting has no formal schedule and allows students to lead the discussion themselves. In the past, the meetings were held in the Welcome Center, but the location for this year has changed to the Hub, which can accommodate almost twice as many people than previous years.

“I think the Hub is a more relaxed environment for students where they can feel comfortable asking challenging questions,” Boyd said.

Classes have to sign up to attend the meeting, but students with a free period are welcome to just show up. Topics that have commonly been brought up in the past include matters such as the Summer Youth Employment Program, community safety, and city curfew.

“I encourage students to take advantage of the platform the Mayor’s Youth Day gives them,” Boyd said. “It’s important for them to voice their perspectives and input when it comes to making decisions that affect them.”

Student Senate has had a big role in the planning of the event. Members have worked on making the Mayor’s Youth Day an outlet for students to vocalize their opinions and needs.

“It’s a privilege to vocalize your thoughts to local government is not an opportunity available to everyone, especially youth,” Student Representative Emma Stein said. “Activism and widespread change starts at the community level.”

According to, involving the input of youth in local decision-making increases the likelihood that those decisions will be accepted and become part of everyday life. In addition, many local governmental decisions have a major impact on all citizens, including youth.

“Evanston is a community where adults actually value what students think, which is not the case across the board in other communities,” Stein said.

Hagerty was sworn in as mayor last May, and has since then focused on improving the community’s environment, local government, infrastructure and property development. He has initiated efforts including signing a city-wide renewable energy electric contract, investing for renovations to James Park, and raising money for a new Robert Crown Community Center.

Classes are still able to sign up for the Mayor’s Youth Day through (Ms. Boyd has not sent out sign ups yet – going to update me when she does and I will be at layout to edit). Snacks and refreshments will be provided to those attending.