Boosterpalooza to kick off Sept. 9

Parents and faculty have fun at Boosterpalooza. Photo courtesy of Boosters.

Parents and faculty have fun at Boosterpalooza. Photo courtesy of Boosters.

Meredith Herrick, News Editor

The Fifth Annual Boosterpalooza celebration will be held on Sept. 9, 2017.

     “Boosterpalooza is an annual event to celebrate ETHS and the community,” Athletic Director Chris Livatino said. “It builds a sense of community between coaches, staff, and parents.”

      This year Boosterpalooza will be held on the rooftop of the Sherman Plaza parking garage at 821 Davis St. from 6-9 p.m. This event is adults only and general admission tickets can be purchased at the door for $35. There is also an option for those who would like to become parent sponsors for $200.          

     Boosterpalooza is a big event for parents and for students because the money raised will help benefit the school’s activities for the upcoming year.

     Although Boosterpalooza is the biggest fundraiser for the organization, they raise money in other ways as well through the sale concessions and spirit wear.

     Most students identify the Boosters as the volunteers who serve them popcorn at football games, but they often fail to recognize the amount of work the organization does for our community.

     The time Boosters club members put in is completely volunteered, as 100% of the money they raise goes back to the school. Additionally, the Boosters works with the school to decide where the money they raise goes and how much each program receives.

     Evanston’s Booster club is unique compared to those in neighboring districts because the money they raise doesn’t just benefit athletes. The $40,000 received from the organization last year also went to fine arts and other extracurricular activities.        

    In previous years the money allocated to athletics went towards things such as, a new software system for coaches, a new weight sled for the cross country team, warm weather gear for cheerleading and new equipment for various other sports.

     “Boosterpalooza is really great because it helps the team get things like new uniforms,” sophomore golfer Katherine Gemmell said.

     The event is a great way to bring the community together. There’s live music, food from local restaurants and drinks. Boosterpalooza is a way for parents to get involved and help out with activities they may not be directly involved with.