ETHS bids a fond farewell: Tim Richardson

ETHS bids a fond farewell: Tim Richardson

Mac Stone, Feature Editor

While most people choose to relax after they close their careers, physical education teacher Tim Richardson will be taking a more unique route into retirement.

“Retirement isn’t really what I’m looking at right now,” Richardson explains. “I’m retiring from teaching, but I’m not actually retiring from working.”

Even though Richardson is retiring from a permanent teaching job, he plans to continue substitute teaching from time to time. He will also remain as a swim coach and will lifeguard at pools for six to seven days each week in the summer.

Richardson has taught for 31 years here at ETHS as a physical education teacher and life guarding teacher, and has taught for 37 years total. Before teaching at ETHS, Richardson taught at Carl Sandburg High School and Loyola Academy.

ETHS has changed a lot since Richardson first arrived in September 1977, and it all mainly revolves around how things were run.

“For the most part, I think the kids are the same,” Richardson says. “As for the differences, I would say that what’s acceptable and not acceptable as far as the school is concerned, that’s probably the biggest change.”

In 31 years, he has developed an emotional connection to the school, and when he leaves, it won’t be easy for him.