Students participate in Spring Blood Drive

Students participate in Spring Blood Drive

Fifteen minutes could save a life.

On Thursday and Friday, dozens of students went to G-175 to participate in the Spring Blood Drive.

Linnette Hill, a health science teacher at ETHS, has her students help out every year.

“It’s a fun and worthwhile experience. We’ve been learning about the circular system in class, so it helps students make the connection between theory and application. They can also tell their family members and friends to get them more involved,” she says.

For some, donating for the blood drive provided a rewarding opportunity to serve the community.

“It was an easy thing to do to help someone in need,” says senior Sophie Hamrick.

For others, reasons for volunteering went deeper.

“I have personal experience with people in my family in emergency situations, so it really hit home for me,” senior Fujah Simorgh says.

It is also personal for Karen Murphy, account manager for LifeSource blood center, which runs the blood drive. This is her 4th blood drive at ETHS.

“Both of my parents needed blood transfusions. In fact, 1 in 7 patients receive some sort of blood products. We want people to realize that it’s very common, we all rely on blood drives to have a supply for the community,” she says.

Murphy’s organization supplies blood products to hospitals. The blood could be used to help anyone, from those injured in car accidents to patients suffering from cancer.

“There is no substitute for actual human blood, so many patients need these blood donations to stay alive,” Murphy adds.

Approximately 110 ETHS students donate their blood at each drive, but Murphy would love to see an increase. After the blood is sent to the laboratory, it is divided into its components: red blood cells, plasma, and platelets. In this way, each donation can actually be used to help three patients.

According to Hill, the benefits of the blood drive go beyond saving lives. “It helps people understand that we can work together to help each other.”