Lantinx Summit happening today


The Latinx population in the US is slowing, but not at ETHS, in fact it’s growing faster than ever.

In order to accommodate the growing population, ETHS is holding its first Latinx Summit where guest Latinx speakers will introduce students to career opportunities and options for furthering their education and also the struggle of Latinx people in the community.

“We are doing this to give Latinx students a voice and have an open discussion,” said ETHS Latinx Committee member Lucero Segundo. “I hope students will be able to take away a better understanding of their individual communities.”

A Latinx is someone who is a descendant from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central America, South America and other Spanish cultures. It also encompasses all genders; male, female, and those who identify as outside traditional gender boundaries. This event was also open to all students no matter what race.

“It is important to have these events to fill the void of the Latino population in ETHS,” said Committee member Margarita Vizcarra. “It’s especially important for students to feel the support of the staff.”

The attending students will start and the end the summit in the auditorium listening to speakers that include former mayoral candidate and current member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners Jesús G. “Chuy” García. In between students will go to different classrooms in the school to have more interactive activities like art workshops, plays, open discussions, and career panels.

It is during these more hands on activities where students will talk about what it means to them to be Latinx, focusing on the community history and how it changes for different generations and Latinxs from different countries of origin.

“I want to attend the Latinx Summit because I want to learn and explore more on my Latino identity,” said Alfredo Arce, junior. “ I want to find out how I can take action against the current issues that Latinos face today; like proliferating, criminalization, and lack of opportunities.”

According to Segundo a primary reason the Latinx Summit is happening is due to students asking for one. 205 students registered for the event.

“We are a minority as well and deserve to be recognized in not just ETHS but in our society,” said Paola Martinez, junior. “All the stereotypes affect our community and that’s why it is important to have a Latinx Summit.”

There have been some Latinx meetings before, similar to the summit but on a smaller scale, hosted by Spanish teacher Fernando Campos. There are groups similar to Campos’s for other minorities throughout the school.