Chromebooks to be distributed to all grades next year

The class of 2017 missed the cutoff for Chromebook distribution by one year, but next year they will receive personal computers like the rest of the school.

“Having half of the class with Chromebooks and half not presents some challenges,” said Director of Instructional Technology David Chan. “With seniors receiving Chromebooks, teachers can move forward with integrating the technology in classes with those mixes.”

Starting next year, each current junior will pay $70 to receive a Chromebook that is theirs not only during the school year but after they graduate. This fee includes the price of the Chromebook and insurance for it. Students who qualify for fee waivers will also qualify for a fee waiver on the Chromebook.

Although the task of distributing around a thousand Chromebooks to seniors seems daunting and costly, the school will not have to increase its budget in order to accommodate another full grade with Chromebooks. “The idea is, we have enough devices to distribute to the senior class from the Chromebook carts we already have,” said Chan.

With this implementation, mobility will be at an all time high for students. “We are able to do online projects in class. The textbooks are also online so you don’t have to worry about taking them with you,” said sophomore Sophie Levine.

These Chromebooks are beneficial for students who may not have previously owned a laptop. If students do not want keep their computers, ETHS is in the midst of developing a program where they can donate their computers to potentially replace damaged ones or help students who cannot pay to repair theirs.