ETHS to host Sen. Booker tonight


Senator Cory Booker

The Senate’s only current black member, Cory Booker, will discuss why American politics need to shift in the auditorium tonight at 7:30 p.m.

“I have always respected Senator Booker,” said Principal Marcus Campbell. “I hope that students see him as a role model and an inspiration and will walk away with the idea that anything is possible.”

The Family Action Network, or FAN, organized the free event, along with six other speakers for this year.

“We always try to bring in speakers who are high profile, have distinguished careers and are experts in their field,” said Lonnie Stonitsch, Executive Director of FAN. “ It’s our pleasure to bring an incredible speaker like Senator Booker to ETHS.”

Senator Booker obtained his graduate degree from Stanford in 1992, later receiving a law degree from Yale in 1997. In 2006, after working on city council, he became mayor of Newark, New Jersey. As mayor, Booker gained national attention and in 2013, he was sworn in as a U.S. senator.

United, Booker’s second and most recent book, will be the highlight of the event, detailing his perspective on the principles of American politics. The event will include a book selling and signing.

“With the elections coming up, we students need a better understanding of politics so we can make informed decisions,” said junior President Alex Moore.

The event is open to both students and adults from around the community. Campbell predicts that the auditorium will be at maximum capacity and plans to designate room for overflow.

“The Senator will speak on his political career, but more importantly about compassion and solidarity,” said Student Rep. Camille Allen. “Whether you’re interested in politics or not this is an incredible opportunity to learn from both a communal and national leader.”