Black History Month has new message, events


Guest speaker Calvin Terrell lectures to a packed auditorium.

At ETHS Black History Month is in full swing.

This month the celebration here at ETHS will be kicked up a notch, with an entirely different approach being taken than in years past.

“We want to approach Black History Month from a new angle as much as possible. Last year our goal was to highlight all of the positives about being a member of the black race,” said Alana Amaker, events coordinator for Black History Month and counselor. “This year the theme is Black Lives Matter, and the goal is to celebrate as well as remember those lives which have made an impact on the black race, to all races.”

To go with this new theme there will be several events previously unseen during past Black History Months, including a Spirit Week, movie viewings, a poetry slam, and several assemblies focusing on race.

“Some new things this year are hosting two events in the evening open to the public and serving specially inspired meals each Wednesday in the student and faculty cafeterias,” said Amaker.

T-shirts and promotional buttons will also be sold in the Main Lobby, and so far sales have exceeded expectations.

“By Thursday of the first week we sold out of all of the T-shirts and buttons, and community members are reaching out on Facebook expressing how much they like or want one,” said Amaker.

Black History Month is an annual celebration of black Americans and it is a time to recognize their central role in American history. Since 1976, every U.S. president has officially designated Feb. as Black History Month.

“We want our black students to be okay with being black and not to feel like the exception or to find it necessary to offer explanations for who we are and why we celebrate,” said Amaker. “While the panels, celebrations, movies, and presentations will target a black audience, the messages are for everyone. The T-shirts and buttons say ‘Black Lives Matter @ ETHS.’ And we would like to believe so.”

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