Real meals served up Mondays after school

Christine Coulter serves up Afterschool Meals.

Christine Coulter serves up Afterschool Meals.

Every Monday, meals will be served after school in Boltwood Cafeteria from 2:45 to 3:30 to provide dinner to students with busy schedules or students that may not get a meal.

This new meal service is part of a national program called the Afterschool Meals Program. The program started a few years ago, but ETHS is only implementing it this year. “We’re starting with just Mondays, and if it’s successful we’ll add on more days of the week,” said Director of Nutrition Services Kim Minestra.

These meals function just as the school breakfast and lunch meals do. Students on free or reduced lunch will follow their same meal plan, but it’s open for any student. “It’s for anyone, students that are going to their practice, band, theater or that are going over to the Hub,” said Minestra. “Even students that just want to come and go home.”

ETHS is home to students, each with different home situations and after school activities. Due to teacher meetings after school on Mondays, most practices don’t start until 4 p.m. This new meal service will fuel students for their after school activities and provide dinner to students in need.

“I’ll definitely use this resource before practice on Mondays so I can fuel my body before a hard workout,” stated junior gymnast Olivia Van Dorf-Kelch.

Right now, food will be served from the snack window, with filling meals such as a chicken sandwich, salad, pizza and sides.

According to, all meals that a school sells will be reimbursed by the government. All schools must contribute some money to pay workers, but ETHS implementing these meals won’t be a problem for the school budget.