Petition to keep Pneumonia Alley open


Pneumonia Alley is a place where students can go to relax, but it’s also a source of frustration for many when it’s locked during the colder months.

Junior Claire Turvill set out to change that when she began a petition that currently has 400 individual student signatures, with more being added everyday.

“I figured that it would be the best way to get the administration to understand how many students wanted Pneumonia Alley open,” says Turvill.

Turvill started the petition in Oct. because she has a problem that many other students share; two classes back-to-back across the school from one another.

Turvill’s position is that students find it necessary to have a shortcut that allows for easier, less stressful movement between classes, stating that it should be at the student’s own risk to utilize the pathway during the winter.

She proposes that students and administrators compromise on the issue, with Pneumonia Alley being kept open in exhange for students completing routine maintenance, such as laying down ice melt.

“If anything, I really want to thank the people who signed it [the petition],” states Turvill.

Safety declined comment on this issue.

To sign the petition please click here.