DECA to learn business strategies with Chicago Bulls


Presenters include people like Kevin Brilliant, business Manager of Strategy and Analytics for the Chicago Bulls.

They’re back.

The Bulls that is and, as part of DECA, 14 students will go to the game on Nov. 13 to learn about the business side of sports.

“It allows students to see a side of sports that they don’t usually think of,” said DECA coach Chris Manila.

Once they arrive they will meet up with the other DECA teams from various high schools from around the area to receive a one hour presentation. At the presentation students will hear from people like Kevin Brilliant, business Manager of Strategy and Analytics, PJ Cummings, the manager of ticket sales, and Luka Dukich, the digital content manager.

“So many are fascinated with the behind the scenes aspect of sports, and our DECA program allows students to see what type of jobs exist in our industry,” said Cummings. “I’m hoping students learn that sports don’t have to end when you can no longer compete on the field or court.”

The presentation is centered around how the each of the speakers got to their current position, and how the students should proceed if they too want a job in that field. It will involve lectures and activities, along with Q and A’s with speakers, so that the students can be as interactive as possible.

DECA is an international organization made to teach high school and college students marketing, management and entrepreneurship in business, finance, hospitality, and marketing sales and service.

After the presentation students will have some time to talk with DECA students from other schools to discuss the presentation.

“I think the trip is a great opportunity for the members of DECA to get a first hand example of the business side of sports,” said senior and DECA captain, Adam Masters.

Manila will make any remaining tickets avaliable the sports marketing class.

This field trip has been going on for multiple years. Not only is this field trip educational, but it is also interesting, and the students will have prime seats to watch the Bulls play the Charlotte Bobcats after the presentation.

“The main goal of the field trip is to inform DECA students about how to get a job in this field, and to hear the stories about how each one of the speakers got their position,” said Manila.