Saving the environment one diaper at a time


Live on.

Little Green Tree House, an environmentally conscious daycare, was recently approved by Evanston Aldermen to join the community.

“I think there is a need for this type of facility,” said Mark Tendam, Sixth Ward Alderman of Evanston. “The daycare is pretty impressive and has progressive teaching.”

By teaching the kids to dispose of garbage and recyclables, turn off the lights, conserve water, and remember facts about the environment, the Little Green Tree House is paving the way toward a healthier environment, both in school and at home.

“The daycare directors wanted to introduce their new facility to a suburban neighborhood,” said Tendam. “Evanston is a nice transitional location to see how it appeals to smaller communities.”

Tendam also worked with the daycare staff over the summer to build low-cost rain gardens in the area. These gardens filter and cleanse water as it passes through the soil, helping reduce water pollution and support local ecology.

“The goal was to get rainwater into the ground instead of it pouring into the streets and sewage,” Tendam explained.