Bacon Study Cafe offers students new opportunities to succeed


Swipe your card, take a bite, and pick up that calculator.

The Bacon Study Café is open to all students seeking a quiet area to work and eat lunch.

“It keeps growing,” said Assoc. Principal Robert Brown. “It’s an innovative and positive space.”

Considering the popularity of the Hub, this shift was necessary in order to make proper use of all study centers at ETHS.

“It was a matter of capacity. The Hub was too crowded, noisy, and hectic,” said Nichole Boyd, Director of Student Activities. “That’s why the Bacon Study Café was implemented so quickly.”

Ever since the Hub stopped allowing food in its study centers, the Bacon Study Café has filled with students.

“It’s so much nicer than any other cafeteria,” said Margaret Blackburn, sophomore. “Nobody’s screaming, so you can really get your work done while still eating your lunch.”

In the Bacon Study Café, students may bring their own lunches, purchase hot and cold options from the Wildkit Window, or buy items from vending machines.

“The Hub serves as a complete student center. It was never intended to become a lunch hot spot,” said Boyd.

Besides providing food, the Café will also have many new features to enhance the work environment, such as charging lockers and furniture.

“The charging lockers are machines that operate similar to hotel safes, enabling students to enter a four-digit code and lock their technology while it charges,” said Brown.